Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Ron Watson

Director, PLM COE and IT Architecture, Xylem Inc., USA

Ron is currently is responsible for the processes, supporting tools and worldwide use of Product Data Lifecycle Management (PDLM), engineering systems and product-related publications for Xylem, Inc. This includes leading the development and communication of the vision, strategy as well as the implementation of the process/tools used in Product Development disciplines. Xylem, recently formed from ITT’s Fluids businesses, continues to innovate in the use of and with PTC’s products with Ron’s leadership. His global team is located in North America, Europe and Asia.  A genuine supporter of broad-based, knowledge sharing across organizations, he spent 18 years as a senior member of PTC/USER, Inc., the independent international user group for PTC product users and is currently the organizations world-wide President.

Presenting: Introducing an Integrated Strategy between Concept, Customer & the Aftermarket - 9 Mar 2016, 01:05

The last decade has seen immense change, challenges and opportunities for organizations in how we author and manage product related information. Relatively narrow and focused platforms, such as CAD, CAM and PDM, have primarily captured the attention of manufacturing companies and their engineering, operations and IT departments. Although narrow, the investments were significant, in terms of hardware, software, implementation and training, but the benefits were arguably limited. These capabilities have been overshadowed by much broader categories like PLM, ALM, SLM and Product Performance Analysis (PPA) that have gained wider interest and acceptance from departments within organizations such as sales, marketing, supply chain, service and compliance.  In parallel to this, significant change has been taking place in the very “bones” that these key technology platforms rely on to run and communicate in the form of ultra-high speed networks, servers as well as paradigm shifts the cloud has promoted.

  • Acknowledging the current challenges to product development faced from the back office through to the customer
  • Exploring the implications of the internet 'all things connected' trend
  • Supporting key factors to future success: efficiency, flexibility, collaboration, traceability, quality and accountability
  • Addressing the emergence of physical-soft product hybrids
  • Disparate versus holistic approaches to technology integration - ALM, SLM and PLM
  • Introducing an integrated strategy from concept to customer to aftermarket that leverages the best of each platform for significant competitive advantage