Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Marc Halpern

VP Research, Gartner, USA

Marc Halpern, P.E., Ph.D., is VP of Research in Gartner, where he is the lead analyst covering product life cycle management strategies and software applications in the Verticals unit. He focuses on design, engineering, product data management, manufacturing process planning and product portfolio management.

Presenting: PLM Maturity and Usability – The Steps to Greater Product Success - 8 Mar 2016, 05:20

Success with PLM software requires governance that should be supported by a maturity model. Maturity models allow organizations to assess the state of their PLM according to functionality and usability and to help identify the areas in need of improvement.

Gartner joins PI Munich to explore the five pillars that their research shows underpin a truly successful, usable and sustainable PLM model. The presentation will be backed up by case studies to describe how such an approach guides the PLM experience:

  1. Supporting software
  2. Business performance
  3. Process and practicalities
  4. Organisational structure
  5. Repeatable business results

What dimensions of PLM should you be adopting?