Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Stefan Abele

Head of PLM, Paul Hartmann AG, Germany

Stefan Abele is heading the department of Process Optimization and Specifications at PAUL HARTMANN, and is responsible for PLM-related processes as well as the support of these processes by adequate IT solutions. Stefan is the responsible Program Manager for introducing a PLM solution at HARTMANN which aims to increase efficiency in the Product Design and Launch processes.

Presenting: Overcoming the Start-up Challenges to PLM Implementation Projects - 8 Mar 2016, 11:25

Hartmann has a 190 year history as a medical device manufacturer and has established a broad product portfolio managed and developed by 5 independent business divisions today. In an attempt to standardize these product management processes, Hartmann is undergoing a major investment in PLM and establishing a cross-divisional process management department to ensure success.

Undertaking a PLM implementation is resource-intensive and a priority for Hartmann is ensuring that their roadmap is both concrete and fit-for-purpose across all of the divisions. As such, they are conducting pilot projects before a global rollout to understand and overcome start up challenges without incurring extra cost further down the line. 

This session will cover:

  • Start-up challenges - ensuring you attain the right resources and investment from both business and IT
  • Collaboration between Hartmann and the vendor partner
  • Elaborating on a comprehensive PLM roadmap and project setup
  • Building the cultural foundation for PLM implementation
  • The Pilot Project - prototyping the IT platform and process, system base configuration and feedback from user groups
  • What have they learnt to date?