Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Jos Voskuil

Consultant, TacIT, Netherlands

Jos Voskuil, aka virtualdutchman from his blog, has been working for over 20 years in the world of PDM and PLM in a unique role: interfacing between all stakeholders involved in a PLM implementation. Using his experience of implementing and leading PLM implementations in the mid-market during the nineties, Jos has focused on areas of coaching implementation teams, mediating installed PLM implementations, explaining best practices for PLM awareness and the need for change management to achieve strategic business goals. Currently, Jos Voskuil's passion is in helping companies to discover and understand the tremendous benefits of a modern, data-driven PLM compared to "old school" PLM

Presenting: Focus Group - Troubleshooting the Challenges of PLM-ERP Integration in the Early Stages of Implementation - 8 Mar 2016, 12:45

Integrating product development processes with PLM and ERP has a proven track record of lowering engineering costs and improving quality processes. 

Manufacturing's future rests largely on the integration of people, processes and systems. Many have already extended PLM beyond engineering to non-traditional areas of the business and it's integration with ERP is an inevitable essential step in providing a top-down view of the enterprise.

However, the complementary roles of PLM and ERP are not always well understood, leading to complexity when implementing and connecting these two systems together. 

This session will help you understand the main pitfalls of ERP-PLM integration to help you correct error at the earliest stage of implementation.