Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Mark Gallagher

Managing Director, Performance Insights™, CMS Motor Sport, UK

With three decades experience in international motorsport, including senior roles with the Jordan and Red Bull Racing Formula One™ teams as well as running Cosworth’s F1 Business unit, Mark has worked with many of the sports leading figures and developed a unique insight into the way they operate. He has also developed a wide range of business interests in the sport, including creating a championship winning racing team.

Starting out as an F1 journalist and broadcaster he went on to become a media consultant for major sponsors including Marlboro and Canon. He joined Eddie Jordan’s fledgling F1 team for its debut season in 1991, returning to the team in 1995 where he became head of marketing and was on the team’s management board during its most successful years.

Joining Jaguar Racing in 2004 Mark remained with the team during its transition into Red Bull Racing before leaving to establish his own racing team, Status Grand Prix, which today competes in GP2 and Gp3.  In 2009 he took over the running of the world famous Cosworth F1 engine business, re-establishing the British company as a leading supplier to one third of the F1 teams in 2010. 

Managing Director of CMS Motor Sport Ltd, Business and Motivational Speaker, media commentator on Formula One, co-owner of Status Grand Prix. Mark founded Status in 2005, representing Ireland in the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport, which his team won outright in 2009. Since then the team has progressed to GP2 and GP3 – the feeder series to F1.  His team has also competed in the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours sports car race on four occasions.

Presenting: PI Keynote - High Performance Innovation in Formula One - 8 Mar 2016, 08:10

Formula One is unique in that it demands combining human endeavour with complex, leading edge technology. Each team is an engineering company which integrates technologies from Aerospace, Automotive & ICT in order to create a sophisticated product which has to comply with very tightly defined regulations. The need for compliance can sometimes be used as an excuse to stifle innovation, but this is not the case in the world of F1 where innovation is key. As the leading teams seek to differentiate their products and find a competitive advantage, there is a continuous process of making improvements and enhancements and searching for world class technologies which can be utilised in new ways, and also innovate around systems and processes.

The arrival of the ‘Internet of Things’ highlights the opportunities and challenges that face companies as they access large volumes of data about their operations, products, service and customers.  In Formula One the cars have been fully connected for 20 years, operating wireless networks which give the teams instant access to real time data, video and audio to enable them to manage performance, safety (risk) and reliability. As a result, Formula One’s leading teams have become expert at instrumenting every facet of their high technology products and harnessing the power of data.

And for an F1 driver to stand on the top step of the podium, they have to rely on team work at every level within the organisations they represent. A leading team such as Red Bull Racing may employ 700 full time staff, but only 10% of those staff travel to the races; the remaining 90% are engaging with designing, manufacturing and developing a high technology product. Their work, attention to detail and focus on delivery will determine whether that car is high performing, reliable and safe and as a result, they live by the tenet that ‘We Win as a Team and We Lose as a Team’;  it is all down to collaboration and team work.

Mark Gallagher, with his 30+ years of F1 experience joins PI Munich to show that innovation doesn’t have to be large or expensive; even a small innovation in relation to a long-established process can make all the difference.  Cultivating a culture of innovation, questioning established ways of doing things, and continuous improvement - these are the behaviours that lie at the heart of Formula One’s success.