Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Juha Pankakoski

CDO & EVP Technologies, Konecranes Plc, Finland

Juha Pankakoski is the Executive Vice President, Technologies and a member of the Group Executive Board in Konecranes Plc. In addition to responsibility for Information Systems and the overall Process Architecture, Juha also has the executive level responsibility of the company’s digitalization strategy.

Juha Pankakoski has worked at Konecranes since 2004. He has previously held several management positions in operations and business development at Konecranes. Juha has a solid background both in IT and Service and Equipment businesses, and is therefore well suited to drive the development and co-operation between IT and business.

Presenting: Leveraging IoT, Product Services and Big Data for an Integrated Business Strategy - 8 Mar 2016, 12:05

The service side of Konecranes makes up 45% of their total revenue. With such an important part of the business, it made sense to expand and advance this offering with the use of digital technology.

By leveraging IoT, sensory technology  and intelligent data systems, Konecranes have developed an integrated, smart business strategy that allows  better connectivity with their customers and above all a higher profit return, making more out of their service model. 

With over 12 years in Konecranes, Juha, the CDO, who has seen and implemented many changes in their IT and Data strategies, will present Konecranes' IoT and Data journey. 

This session will cover:

  • Combining IT, Data and Product Services for an integrated business strategy
  • Data visualisation: how can you get real time product information, anytime, anywhere.?
  • Storing and structuring data through PLM, IoT and Cloud
  • Embracing the 'product' as a service' business model
  • Utilising business intelligence (BI) tools to visualize data
  • Putting your data to work - aligning real time information with your company strategy
  • The end goal; constant connectivity to your customer and rapid response to their needs