Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Paul Babin

Global Manager, Test & Qualification, thyssenkrupp Elevator, Germany

Paul Babin is the Global Head of New Product Testing in the R&D Department of ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG, a position he has held since November 2013. With sales of 6.4 billion euros and customers in 150 countries, ThyssenKrupp Elevator has applied the company’s unique engineering capabilities to its technology to become one of the world’s leading elevator companies in only 40 years.

Presenting: Coordinating Global Engineering Resources, Budget, and Projects to Drive Efficiency and Effectiveness - 9 Mar 2016, 03:25

ThyssenKrupp manufactures and configures custom elevators and over the years, has taken major steps to better utilise PLM beyond its traditional uses including supply chain and advanced virtual/3d technology.

Because of their customised product model, enhanced flexibility is essential which they have achieved through their IT framework and advanced data management processes. Paul will take you through the key strategies  of how Thyssenkrupp are winning the product innovation game; optimising the delivery of bespoke, complex products on a global scale with engineering and IT processes.