Speakers 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Dr. Ing. Thomas Kamps

CEO, Conweaver, Germany

Dr. Thomas Kamps is the founder and CEO of CONWEAVER. Since 1992 he has held various leading positions at GMD, the TU Darmstadt, at Intelligent Views as well as at Fraunhofer IPSI. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of dynamic (corporate) data linking, automatic information integration, semantic (search) technologies, knowledge management and ontologies.

Presenting: Efficiently Collaborating across Engineering Domains and Divisions - 8 Mar 2016, 02:15

BOSCH started an initiative to create an attractive IT work station for the future and make IT applications more appealing. Work anywhere – efficiently!

In keeping with this initiative, a project was started to simplify engineering collaboration and traceability across system and organizational borders along the product lifecycle. BOSCH engineers will get information about their requirements, designs, simulation results and manufacturing documents in a new modern engineering view: easy-to-use, fast and reproducible, in which of the numerous underlying software systems the information is actually stored becomes less important to the end-users. Since December 2015, a first version of the solution was released.

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Today’s and upcoming challenges
  • Our vision about a modern engineering workplace
  • How we simplify collaboration for engineers
  • How we make information work for end-users
  • What does it look like? – Live demo.
  • Further implementations based on the linking technology: CONWEAVER