Presentation Partner 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Think of CONWEAVER as an intelligent solution bridging the gaps in your data across domains, business areas or sites - no matter how structured or distributed - and without altering any existing software or company architecture. Our semantic middleware creates a knowledge network through dynamic linking across system, process and language boundaries, instantly accessible by a click: 

  • Modular, bottom-up information model configuration based on business objects
  • Keep proven processes and/or easily restructure according business needs
  • Extend Brain (net) to add sources and new use cases w/o changing the information model
  • Provide powerful logical inference processes
  • Easily automatize manual data transformation and deliver real time information
  • Simple integration of/into 3rd party applications
  • Effective Change Management through small teams and effective & short project schedules


  • Data transparency across applications
  • Intelligent data synchronization across applications & processes
  • Support targeted communication between users
  • Reduction of process complexity
  • Continuous IT migration process
  • Effective business processes