Sponsor 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

PERCALL SA is a fast-growing services and software company delivering Internet of Things and Product and Lifecycle Management solutions to customers in aerospace, automotive, industrial and other technology intensive sectors.

Percall is an official Service Advantage and IoT partner to PTC.

Percall has over 200 people internationally, many of them expert PTC alumni, operating in 12 languages across Europe.  We have a presence in France, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy and Morocco and also operate in Nordics, Benelux and Switzerland.

Percall activities cover consulting, concept, customization services, deployment, upgrade & migration, training services and ITIL-compliant application maintenance and support services.  Percall also provides near-shore technical support and back-office development from our Morocco center in Rabat.

With cost-effective pricing based on the outcomes you want, Percall is able specify, adapt, deploy and support PTC IoT and PLM applications in customer environments ranging from the most sophisticated transnational to the smallest possible “out of the box” and provides the help that users need to understand and adopt.