Sponsor 2016

8th - 9th March 2016

Tele2 is one of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators, always providing customers what they need for less. At last count, we had 14 million customers in 9 countries. We offer mobile communication services, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services and content services. Our mission is to always offer our customers what they need for less, and ultimately our vision is to be the champions of customer value in everything we do.

Tele2 IoT provides customers with a global connectivity solution

Since Internet of Things (IoT) business requirements differ fundamentally from ordinary mobile telephony, Tele2 have set up a dedicated global business unit for this segment Tele2 IoT. Tele2 IoT focuses on the connectivity and connectivity close services of an IoT solution, working very closely with partners to ensure the quality and functionality of the total end-to-end solution.